Friday, October 13, 2017

Jasmine's Halloween Horror

Welcome to my final post for this here blog. I've no longer the time to maintain it like I would want to. But I wanted to take the time to everyone that managed to find my little part of the 'net. The posts currently here will get a new life on my DPL blog as I consolidate them. Since it's Halloween time, I managed to let Vladen13 know, via e-mail, that I still wanted to participate in his "Hunter's Moon Halloween Festival" for 2017. I can't thank Vladen enough for his on-going support of my works, even though I'm no longer on DeviantART.

This post will, eventually, move over to my DPL blog after the holidays are over. I'm also throwing down a special challenge (for anyone that wants to do it), to take a Disney Princess colour-book page (or image from a page) and work it into something DID-related for halloween. It can be any Disney princess. There are thousands of colour-book pages out there so, get creative. I've done this with many of them and the one below, is the first 100% one I've done that involved me digitally colouring the work. The story is short and ends with a cliff-hanger. I'll leave it up to your own imaginations as to what comes next, muwhahahaaaaa! Everyone have a safe and happy Halloween and...don't go exploring any unknown pumpkin patches after dark!

The story:

 Poor Princess Jasmine. Her curiosity got the better of her. She discovered the pumpkin patch quite by accident, while taking a stroll into the "forbidden gardens" of the palace, early one balmy morning. As long as she could remember, she had been told never to venture there. Jasmine could not understand why or how the many orange and white pumpkins could ever pose a threat to her or anyone, for that matter. She found a sort of beauty in them. A passing guard warned her away but...she vowed to come back that night. There would be a full moon that would afford the curious princess ample light in which to explore the pumpkin patch. Just before midnight, Jasmine stole out of the palace and, staying within it's shadows, made her way into the main garden. From there it was easy to sneak right into the pumpkin patch.

No guards were present as Jasmine crouched down and quietly slipped into the patch, now dewey from the warm, moist, night air. But she trod no further than thirty feet when she felt something slimy wrap around her right ankle! At first, Jasmine thought she had become entangled in one of the many vines that littered the patch. But, in a flash, something gooey and sticky shot out from what seemed like nowhere and...covered her mouth. Jasmine was so taken by surprise that...she did realise her immediate predicament. Within seconds, she was being tugged on as more and more slimy vines wrapped around her wrists, ankles and torso. One vine even made its way between her legs and, started to grope her in a very unpleasant way. Panic ensued as Jasmine screamed into her sticky gag. She looked down in absolute horror as a trio of living pumpkins emerged from a dense part of the patch. One much larger than the other two. One of the smaller pumpkins, had what appeared to be a small, pink bow, tied to its stem! A strange yellow glow emanated from their eyes, noses and mouths. This was also the source of the vines that, by now, were tightly gripping Jasmine's nubile body. She struggled for all she was worth but...all was in vain. She toppled over onto her back and quickly felt herself being dragged off, feet first, across the damp ground. Her muffled pleas for help went ignored as she was dragged to a pit, at the far end of the patch. In her abject horror, Jasmine could swear the pumpkins were smiling with an evil menace as they pulled her ever closer to the pit.

Her struggles only seemed to excite the pumpkins even more, as they, tightly and harshly, bound her wrists and arms behind her. The same was afforded to her ankles, knees and upper thighs. The larger pumpkin then added more tightening vines around her upper and lower torso, in effect, fusing her arms to her body. The pumpkin with the pink bow drew nearer to the struggling princess. With a bone-chilling squeal of a laugh, more of the sticky, gooey mess, sprayed out of its mouth and covered Jasmine's entire lower face, including her nose! The soon-to-be-doomed princess, no longer had access to the night air and she began to suffocate! "Oh, how I wish Genie or Aladdin could save me, now!", she thought. For just a second or two, the pumpkins watched in evil glee as the princess continued to struggle. Then, the large pumpkin let loose a thick vine that wrapped around the poor Jasmine's mid-section and lifted her up, up, into the night air. Jasmine's eyes grew wide as she was dangled over the pit. She was beside herself with terror as she looked into the pit. She tried one more time to get free but, alas, all was lost as huge, pink, slimy tentacles reached up from the depth of the pit and grabbed at the doomed princess. Gasping for air that would not come, our heroine slowly passed out. The tentacles engulfed her as they pulled her down, down, down, into the pit....

Monday, June 26, 2017

Esmeralda's Final Performance

Ever since hearing ELP's (that's Emerson, Lake & Palmer for those not old enough to recall this particular rock band), way back in the '70's (1970's), I always wondered if anyone would ever do a live (acted out) version of the lyrics. The thought stayed planted in my warped imagination for the better part of four decades. In December of 2014, I finally decided to do something about it. Below is my interpretation of a certain Disney (nee, Victor Hugo) character that just seemed to fit right into the movement. This is my "sepia-toned" version. I can't remember which folder the colour version is stored in, alas! The only thing I've done here is add my newer logo. Formally posted to my defunct DeviantArt page. Come and see the show!

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Ari and Jas Undercover Peril

Below is a concept drawing I did up back in December of 2014. I previously featured it on DeviantArt. But don't bother searching on DA for any of my old works; I deleted them all in December, 2016. Over the years I've done a lot of "cross-over" concept (COC) drawings, mainly with certain princesses and other characters. The one here is COC62. It features Ariel and Jasmine as under-cover "ladies of the night", out to stop a crime lord from selling tainted beef. Unfortunately, the duo end up trussed up in a walk-in freezer and not exactly dressed for the cold. Ariel is wearing a latex, lavender tube top and latex, turquoise micro-miniskirt...and not much else. Jasmine is wearing even less but...those black, patent leather knickers and bra will at least keep her a bit warmer...or not.

I never did publish the entire story, alas. But, as with just about all the damsels I draw, no-one really gets hurt or killed. Ariel and Jasmine are rescued in this story to battle more criminals, later on. One of these days I'll finish this...or not. I've since added a new logo and cleaned this up a bit. I also created a new background base of this freezer for future use, heh, heh.